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Professional water treatment will ensure that your pool's chemicals are properly balanced and all baskets are emptied. Chemical Service is the base service and bare minimum service we provide. With this service you will receive proper weekly balancing of all chemicals used in the maintaining of your swimming pool water. This includes algaecides, conditioner, salt, Diatomaceous earth, and cleaning of salt cells. This does not include tile cleaning solutions or other chemicals used for plaster, tile or filter cleaning. These items however can be purchased through Total Pool Service at a discount. We will also check your skimmer and pump baskets, and empty as needed.

After chemicals are administered to a pool, the filter must run for one hour to circulate them. If this does not happen, your pool could stain or be damaged by the chemicals sitting on the plaster or in its plumbing. Total pool service cannot be responsible for any damage done to your pool or equipment if this occurs. If you are currently adding any chemicals to your pool, please let us know, some chemicals will affect the chemicals we currently add. This is not always bad, but we must adjust to these.

Most pools with automatic cleaners can maintain themselves throughout the year. We can take care of the rest and save you money.

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