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Filter Cleans need to be done every time your filter is dirty. This can be every two hours to once a year. For this reason, we have not included filter cleaning into your monthly service price. This gives you the option of cleaning the filter yourself. Some filters are somewhat complicated, delicate, or dangerous! If a filter clean is not done correctly, the filter could leak, develop a leak, not filter, or even explode. Persons can be injured or killed by a filter. We offer two methods: Filter cleaning by us as needed, or Notification of a dirty filter. A dirty filter can cause other equipment to malfunction or break, and in our experience, the safest way to go is to have a professional (preferably the weekly service tech) take care of all filter cleaning and repair
Your pool equipment is the life of your pool. Your equipment will make your pool experience either enjoyable or a nightmare. With our service you will be notified of problems, potential problems, better equipment, and maintenance information. You may also purchase equipment via Total Pool Service, ask your service technician for details

Most pools with automatic cleaners can maintain themselves throughout the year. We can take care of the rest and save you money.

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